I have been an engineer at Ford Motor Company, an Energy Manager for a local council, a team leader for a major government agency, a mother and a writer. I am married with three gorgeous kids.

I am a reluctant housewife, an accidental feminist, a fierce mother and a romantic. I am sociable, irreverent, organised, educated, untidy, opinionated and enthusiastic. I talk to myself and I am stubborn.

I started writing in my teens but then had to stop to focus on my degree and then successive jobs. I started again in 2005 while on maternity leave and wrote Tales from the Coast (unpublished). I started writing Shmoo in 2009, but during 2010 my parents’ health quickly deteriorated and they died within 3 months of each other. Writing helped me get through it but Shmoo became darker. I have dedicated Shmoo to my parents and my wonderful family.

When I remember I try to write articles on my Facebook Author Page – Cat Reeby – called “Desperate Mummy Writer”.

I have just done a limited edition print run of paperbacks. If you would like a signed first edition, for yourself or as a gift, please Contact me.”.