boats-1Catriona Reeby is also the author of Tales from the Coast, a collection of linked short stories, currently being edited prior to publication. Catriona is starting her next novel in September 2014.


Extract from Tales from the Coast
The Cat on the Stairs

“When she’d turned twenty-four in January Danielle had promised herself that this was going to be a good year. She planned to get her chaotic life sorted. It had started well. Her boyfriend, Brian, suggested that they get a flat together and they’d found a nice little place in Shoreham. Just the three of them; her, Brian and Lucia. Then she’d got a job temping at Rage Marketing which she loved. She’d been delighted when they offered her a permanent job as a marketing assistant shortly afterwards. And finally, to top it all, four months ago she’d discovered she was pregnant. Brian had been pleased, saying how much he wanted a family. And yet now, with a whole four months to go until her twenty-fifth birthday, it was all falling apart. She was scared, really scared….”

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