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Robert and Daniel grew up in the 1980’s and did the things that brothers do: built dens, got into mischief and started to think about girls. But something happened to those two innocent boys that twenty years later threatens to tear Robert’s world apart.

Now Robert is a happily married man in his thirties. Like many people he does a job he no longer loves, and he spends a lot of time day-dreaming. Sarah, his wife, teases him but she doesn’t realise that something from his past is haunting him. Because Robert has a terrible secret.

Who is Shmoo? And why are Robert and Daniel now estranged? The tension builds and Robert’s world begins to crack…


“Thought-provoking, touching and delightful – it’s a rare combination in a read.” R F Coles, author of Pillpopdom

“A book that I couldn’t stop reading.” Karen Williams, Grayswood Silver Book Club

“This novel has pace, atmosphere, conviction and originality. I highly recommend it.” F G Cottam, author of The Waiting Room and The House of Lost Souls


What happens next?
If you have finished Shmoo and you’d like to find out what happens next to Robert and Sarah, click here for a free optional final chapter (PDF), or visit Amazon here to download it to Kindle (£0.77).